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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not that I have anything against Target or their tissues (I really do love them - great quality), but how is it possible that so many designers can come up with great prints and patterns and NONE of them end up on tissue boxes? This is what we get:

A generic print in generic colors. I know, they're trying to appeal to the masses, but can we get some options here? It seems like a silly thing to get worked up over, but every tree and flower is blooming and budding here in Dallas and I  have a tissue box in almost every room. Allergies!

Dallas Arboretum last weekend

I love the flowers and the warm weather; I just want my tissue boxes to be as nice to look at as the flowers outside. All of this sparked a desire to make my first ever tissue box cover. Remember the crafty ones from the 70's? Total greatness. Here is my first attempt at a tissue box cover of my own with instructions for those of you who would like to try this as well.

First up - choose your fabric, measure your tissue box and add a half inch to each side for seam allowance. Once you have your measurements, make your outlines on your fabric (I always use any marker handy, but chalk or the fabric markers that become invisible are also great) and cut out your pieces.

-You should have 4 pieces for your sides (4 all measuring the same or 2 small and 2 long depending on the tissue box) and 2 for your top panel. You need 2 for the top panel to create the opening for your tissue to be dispensed. *When adding seam allowance for the top panel, make sure to add an extra inch in width because you will be cutting it in half.

-Sew your 2 pieces for the top panel together first (right side to right side) keeping an opening in the center long enough for the tissues to come out. 
-Press open.

-You'll want to sew along the edges around the tissue opening for wear and tear and to create a nice finish. I "stitched in the ditch" (a phrase used to mean to seam of the panels) at the start and end and gradually moved the stitch as close to the edge of the opening as possible. I know I suck as describing this. Hopefully the picture will explain this better than my words!

-Next, sew all four panels on right side to right side. Remember to start and finish your seams 1/4 to 1/2 and inch away from the edge of the fabric. This makes it a ton easier to turn your panels while sewing them all together.
-Press all yours seams for cleaner, sharper lines.

-Once your edges are all sewn and you've pressed all of your seams, your tissue box cover should look like this. (see above)

-Finally, press your raw edge at the bottom all the way around and stitch to finish. I used a straight stitch and a zig zag because I sadly do not own a serger and forgot to add enough length to my side panels to turn them under twice!  Hey, at least I'm honest about my hack jobs right?

Tada! Not bad for my first attempt, huh? I like how the faux wood knot looks like a Praying Mantis. Ha ha ha! This was so easy and fast that I am going to make covers for all of my rectangular tissue boxes and start adding some appliques too! Send me pictures if you decide to make some of your own. I'd love to see them! xo

PS - I wrote this past 2 days ago and found this yesterday on Design*Sponge. Great minds think alike? Her sewing and directions are way better than mine!  I am quite a sewing hack!

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  1. I came across this the other day too...
    Very cute!


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