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Friday, June 18, 2010

Begging is not something I'm proud of, but not something I'm above either! I need your help in a big way. I think we have come to the conclusion that our beloved new chest of drawers will need to be sanded and painted. Here's the hard part - what color? I have found a ton of inspiration, but committing to a look is a whole other level.

chest of drawers to be made over

love the white with black top and numbers

more numbers

a mix of neutrals

matte grey almost black

rainbow (source unknown)

Seriously? Do you see why I am having a hard time deciding what to do next?  So many beautiful options, so little time. I would love to  hear your thoughts. xo


  1. I think you can't go wrong with black or white. Lovin' the numbers...for some reason playing cards came to my mind after seeing them. I dunno, a little mod podge and the queen of hearts? Have fun!

  2. I think depends where the chest of drawers are going. The black looks against the white walls and vice versa. I also love the colourful mix. WHat is in the rest of the room?

  3. my vote is white. i never regret when i give something a fresh coat of white :) its so fresh & clean.

  4. Ladies...thank you so much for your comments. You have single handedly helped me rule out a color other than black or white. The walls and bedspread in this room are white. Hmmm...what's a girl to do... think more and wait for a bit more feedback I guess. Love my readers! xo

  5. Hey There

    Just found your blog a while ago - AWESOME - and now I'm totally hooked. You have so many fun and inspiring ideas! Ok....I know you may be thinking black or white, but lately I have been drawn to red. Could be fun....and it's only paint right?

  6. What about a charcoal grey? I love it with white!

  7. Once I saw "red" and "teal" the options opened much wider. Like others said - depending on the room. My thought on that big a piece - one color, not a mix of colors. The piece seems not to be whimsical to me - so that would influence my hardware and color choice.

  8. White would fade away against a white wall. Black would be too stark. I would do white with black sides/top and black for the thin border board and big black flat knobs. The inside drawers in bright blue & green to go with the bench or colors that go with the room the chest will be in.


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