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Thursday, June 3, 2010

new bunting on my garage

It's girlie as all get out. And a bit over done in blog land. But - I love bunting, garland, whatever you call it. It makes me happy - one might even say giddy. Perhaps my love of bunting stems from the fact that it is not and will not be found anywhere in my house. It's a bit too girlie for the husband and while I push the envelope on a lot of the decor in our home, I feel this is one area I can honor his tastes. But that doesn't mean I can't "party up" the backyard a bit. Right? 


zipper wash bag (intended for lingerie)

I cut my scrap fabric up into 3x4" rectangles and put them in a zipper wash bag to fray the edges, then pressed and sewed them onto some string we had in the garage. Cheap and easy! Oh, and pretty too. If you don't feel up to making your own, Etsy has some amazing options.

Be it flowers, dots, tear drops, triangles or rectangles bunting is so festive and fun. It's like the prefect necklace that makes the ordinary outfit, special. Like flowers that never die. And I am not alone in my adoration. Bunting is everywhere.

source unknown (help if you know)

source unknown (help if you know)

Maybe it's the fact that when it's hung it looks like a smile. Maybe it's that you can make it out of anything: fabric scraps, paper, letters, felt, leaves, cards, photos. Maybe it's because it's soooo easy to make and super cheap inexpensive. (Yeah, it's probably that! Ha ha ha. What can I say?) Whatever it is, I just can't get enough! What do you think? Are you over bunting/garland or still enjoying it? xo


  1. You must have been reading my mind... I have a stack of 16 of these little guys cut out of muslin that I'm making for a (now belated...) birthday gift for a friend. Our Anthropologie had scores of them, in muslin, hanging around and after seeing them, I rushed home and started my version.

  2. I love them too, in fact I have some scraps all cut up to make one for each of the boys' rooms. I'll post a photo as soon as I'm done.

  3. i have garlands in my etsy shop too!.
    I love the decor on the garage.

  4. I love your chair! I'm in the process of making some bunting too. I love it!!

  5. love me some bunting! I have some hanging in my daughter's room and mine (and some in my etsy shop- wink, wink- too!)


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