A Very Big "I DO!"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

That's Kim. She's been my best girlfriend for over 15 years now. Over time we've grown a lot; sometimes choosing the same path and other times choosing completely different ones. But we have always managed to stay "together" if you will. Something you should know about Kim because you sure as heck can't tell it from the photo above... she's old! (Ha ha ha, just kidding Kim.) Her nickname is "Granny," but for different reasons. A couple of years ago, she finally met the man of her dreams and in August, she'll say, "I do" to that lucky guy.  His name is Drew. He jokes, "I can't believe Kim was a Granny before she became a Mom."

Because I have known Kim for so long, we have often talked about weddings and the like. She was my Maid of Honor and now I am one of her Bridesmaids. Here's the sad part for me, she lives in Austin which is three hours away. This leaves me longing to be more involved in the wedding planning and all the activities that go along with it. Lucky for me, I have a blog! So, I thought I'd share some of my ideas for Kim's wedding with all of you, as if I were the Wedding Planner.

Here's what I know so far: 

The wedding will be held mid-morning in Kim's Mom's backyard that overlooks the Austin Hill Country... it's lovely. The color scheme is Coral and Lavendar. The eats will be yummy Texas bar-b-que. The dress has been purchased and it's a beautiful tea-length stunner.

my fabric choices for flower wraps, napkins, garland and table-covers

flowers in fabric adorned mason jars will hang from the trees along with floral garland

clipboards (with pics, art and love notes) and mason jars filled with candles will adorn the back fence behind the seating

Texas bar-b-que will be served on a table like this (chalkboards, flowers, pics and garland)

or like this (aren't the wooden drawers to die for?)

this print will be framed (without glass), propped on an easel, with silver sharpies for guests to sign

guests will have their photos taken in a hanging frame (love this!)

Willy Wonka candy will be served alongside cupcakes (I call the groom Willy Wonka)

cupcakes from Hey Cupcake! will be adorned with sweet little handmade flags

attendees will enjoy music, laughter and handmade favors (I'm thinking lavender.)

But this is all my vision. I think I may need to recite my vows soon! xo


  1. kim would be lucky to have you as a stylist...but she's luckier to have you as a bestie! xo.

  2. hi, the jar + clipboard menu is from our wedding! do you mind adding a link? they were a total hit and i came home without many of them...have a feeling the caterer also loved them. :)

    for more info, come visit my blog!


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