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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello out there! It’s Lisa from Wicked & Weird here, and I am so flattered to be asked by Brooke to put together a guest post for you. Her blog is such an inspiring place; it was hard to think of something she hadn’t already covered beautifully!

However, the best inspiration is always close at hand, and being at the tail end of a kitchen reno, my thoughts are still all about the kitchen. I searched high and low for kitchen ideas, and luckily they are pretty easy to come by online. It seemed everywhere I looked there was lots of open shelving, sometimes in place of upper cabinets.

Country Home (I love this one!)

Aqua Vitae Design via Desire to Inspire

While they look lovely in photos like these, I worried that there would be no way I could keep them clean and organized. Plus we have very little room to work with in our house, and I figured the space would be better used for crammable cupboards. So in the end, we went without this trend in our kitchen. Here is a sneak peek at our space-in-progress:

(The upper cabinets are white – they still have a protective film on them here!)

But I still love how shelves can highlight beautiful collections – my personal fav is Russel Wright pottery. I am collecting the lemon yellow

although I like all the colours, including sea foam below, and think they would be lovely mixed together.

Another potential collection that would look gorgeous on open shelving is the ever-popular Fiestaware, adding a bright pop of colour to any kitchen.

And then of course, neutral but chic food organizers from any kitchen retailer would help with the necessary storage and blend with any collection. These are from Ikea and Crate and Barrel, but places like Walmart or Zellers have nice pieces as well.

Since I can’t get the idea out of my head, I may have to add open shelves somewhere in the house! What do you think - does your kitchen have open shelving? Is it a trend you like or don’t?

Thanks again to Brooke for letting me post on Pure & Noble. Brooke - I hope you are enjoying your break! ☺


  1. Love the bottom cabinets with horizontal grain - is that bamboo?

  2. Thank you! They are Solar Beech cabinets from Ikea, although I think they might have been discontinued. I love them - am glad you like them too! :)

  3. I, like you, love the "open" look. I'm not sure how well I could pull it off though. Being a perfectionist, I would probably stress over trying to keep my kitchen shelves or open cabinets looking perfect! We are planning a kitchen re-model soon as well! I know I will end up ditching the open look for something more mentaly comfortable!!!

    Can't wait to see your finished product!



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