Sister"hood" Part 2

Friday, August 27, 2010

Taking all of our goodies and putting them in the center of the room to pull from we came up with this:

Heater - $12.00 at local flea market.

Vintage tin and bottles - $6.00 at local flea market.

Vintage postcard - $0.25, Bird ring holder - $3.50, tree limb - free: found on a walk around the neighborhood.

Lace added to window for semi-privacy. (Anna fell in love with this piece of fabric months ago... it was perfect for her window as a finishing piece that really sets the tone for the room.)

When you're short on space, a murphy bed is ideal. Lucky for Anna, her Dad is an amazing craftsman. Bed up, lots of room to hang with friends and do homework. Bed down, lots of slumber.  She's still on the hunt for the perfect desk/vanity, but I think the room is coming together quite nicely. She's super stoked about it.  What do you think? Happy Friday! xo


  1. You guys have done a great job! It looks sooooo cool! Way to go!!!

  2. Wow! It's looking really great x

  3. Super cute! And what a fun way to spend time together!

  4. I love the branch for holding necklaces!

  5. Wow, thanks you guys. So sweet of you all to say. She's loving it!


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