Around the House: Roadside Freebie

Monday, November 22, 2010

Friday I shared some of my favorite four letter words. I left out a big one - FREE! Driving home from picking up my oldest at school, I saw this lovely sitting in a pile for bulk trash. I stopped and pondered. Then I drove up the street 1.5 blocks and politely asked the hubs to come help me get this in our car.  Here's the amazing part, he didn't even roll his eyes! We loaded her in and left the broken drawers behind.

It had a few dings and some of the decorative pieces on the front were coming off, but a little sanding and wood glue fixed all of that. I decided to paint her black and load all of my sewing goodies on the inside. She is now my new cutting table. And I love her.

I also added some wrapping paper to the back with the help of Command Poster Strips. Next up will be the addition of a tension rod and a curtain made of linen to cover my unsightly mess. I'll show that part next week. 

What's your latest transformation/roadside score? xo


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