Weekly Challenge: Confessions

Friday, November 19, 2010

This week's challenge came to me by chance - it kind of picked me. Lucky me, right? I've had to confess to some friends and ask for forgiveness this week. I thought I would keep the confessions rolling here and let you know a few things about me.

1. I sometimes forget to brush my teeth - it's a rare occurrence, but it happens.
2. I LOVE long, long, really long hot showers.
3. I sometimes miss smoking. There's just something about winter, coffee and a smoke. (I haven't smoked in over 7 years.
4. I get caught up in comparison a lot. It makes blogging very hard sometimes.
5. I struggle with bouts of depression.
6. I pee in the shower.
7. My skin use to be pretty flawless, it now makes me want to hide.
8. I get side-tracked - easily.

9. I could bathe in coffee.
10. I could drink queso with a straw. It's a Texas thing I guess.
11. Brooke is not my first name, but I've never gone by anything else.
12. Since babies, I forget things - big things.
13. I heart the following four letter words:
I hope some of this has made you laugh and some has made you ponder, perhaps even go so far as to ask for forgiveness. I tell ya, "I'm sorry for _____. Can you forgive me?" Has a lot of healing power! It's Friday peeps. Enjoy!

How about you? Any confessions you want to share? xo


  1. i sometimes pee in the shower- hee hee
    at night if i'm tired and already in bed i sometimes don't brush my teeth
    i have a fetish with squeezing marshmellows-if i pass a peep wrapper at the drug store- i have to squeeze it to mush the marshmellow
    i'm a bad speller(probably typing errors right now)
    i have a hard time letting go of control

    there are many more....

    love your blog brooke- and your confessions-


  2. I am confessing with you.
    ditto on: 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,12,13.
    and my own:
    1.i covet houses because i am restless and a renter
    2.i sometimes want to go to a hotel in the middle of the day and have a long shower and nap without anyone needing me for anything.
    3. i eat too much chocolate...seriously it is the whole reason i stay chubby!

  3. haha i seriously laughed out loud reading this! you are not alone, girl.
    - peeing in the shower ::raises hand::
    - forgetting to brush teeth ::raises hand even higher::
    - missing smoking... i never smoked cigarettes, but i love a good cigar. sometimes, i catch myself being annoyed that i am pregnant, because i really want to smoke one with everyone else outside on the porch with a good cocktail. yikes! FORGIVE ME!

  4. Okay, I can relate to #4 and I'm almost embarrased to say #6. You made me laugh today Brooke and think about following in your footsteps and making my own list. Have a great weekend :)

  5. Nicely said Brooke!! You're not the only one :-)

  6. Don't know if this makes anyone feel better but I once saw Madonna on Letterman. She admitted to peeing in the shower!! She said she does this because it prevents athletes foot! So here's to all of us who are feeling guilty! WOO HOO

  7. Ok, I was grossed out by the peeing in the shower. Totally LOL but still was grossed out. To which I then ask my family and a majority of them do it as well. I am not even more disgusted being that we all share one bathroom.

  8. wow. i kinda thought i was the only girl in the world that did that...now i know i have some friends!

  9. lovin' those 4 letter words! i have a lisa leonard banner necklace with the word "hope" on it and i'm obsessed.

  10. Love your honest post :) #11 has me intrigued...

  11. I can see that it takes me confessing to peeing in the shower to get some of you all to comment! There's a few first time commenters on here! Thank you so much for your confessions and support! xoxo

  12. It is so refreshing to find someone honest, creative and loves God. It is such a comfort to know that others struggle to juggle the balance btw making life around them more beautiful whilst praying hard that God would make my heart more beautiful too. You are an encouragement and blessing!

  13. presh.
    -sometimes i want to smoke a cigar first thing in the morning
    -i am really pretentious when it comes to music, though i pretend not to be. i silently judge.
    -i secretly start listening to christmas music in october
    -i get serious crushes on male celebrities. major.
    -i am the worst blogger on earth.


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