Just Because

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last night my hubs surprised me with  a sweet card and box of chocolates - just because. So I thought I'd give you all some eye candy - just because. xo

What's your most favorite things you've ever received, just because? xo


  1. How sweet of hubby!! Brownie points for that one for sure. Love the kitchen above.

  2. Oh how lucky you are!!!!!
    Well thanks for our eye candy- I like the whites and blues the best!!!!

    My favorite just because gift would have to be a fistful of flowers brought to my back door by my 11 year old son.
    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  3. kiss from Liam today, and him saying "I love you mommy". Have a great day, just because :)

  4. Owwww so sweet just because he loves you :)


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