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Monday, November 22, 2010

A couple of weeks ago my friend Alli of Hooray posted the above His & Hers image. I was so inspired by it, I asked if she would want to partner with me on a His & Hers series similar to A Year of Mornings book.  She agreed and thus a new Monday post series was born! We'll be doing this every Monday. So make sure you check out my little blog and Hooray. I'm so excited to be collaborating with Alli. She and her blog are delightful and inspiring.

My 1st attempt: our office chairs

Hope you've enjoyed this new post series here at Pure and Noble today. Don't forget to check out what Alli's done as well! xo


  1. How fun is that? Neat idea:)

    Thanks for the fun!:))
    Have a wonderful new week!!!!

  2. Love it. I am so not surprised to see that you have a way cute chair cushion...

  3. So fun. Interesting how your chairs are so similar, but your is more feminine with the lines on the back of the chair and of course the flower pad.

  4. ok this is a totally coooool idea!! i hope to join in on this in the upcoming weeks!! so fun!!!


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