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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One of the things I love most about blogging is all the cool people you get to meet from around the globe. One of those cool people is Nicole of DeliaJude. She is so sweet, thoughtful and creative. Her Etsy shop is filled with fun stuff that I personally think would look great donning your Christmas packages. So, let's take a look at a few things from her shop while learning a bit more about her.

PN: How long have you had your Etsy shop?

NI: I opened my Etsy Shoppe ( 1 year ago, which is why my etsy shoppe name is not my blog kinda bothers me, but that is a story for another day.

PN: What inspires you?

NI: Inspiration comes in all forms, shapes and sizes for me. From the blogs of fellow crafters, from a quote in a book, from a magazine, from my children, from a hike on the ridge, really the inspiration sources are endless.

PN: How do you find the time to craft/create with two kiddos?

NI: I struggle with finding time to craft and create. I have so many ideas to try out but so little time and space. Currently my "craft room" is the closet in Jude's bedroom and my "craft/sewing table" is the kitchen table. I do have a creative-ish part time job at a certain Paper Store with the catch phrase " Do something Creative Everyday". I guess I just try to squeeze it in whenever I can, although I do like start and finish a project in one go so sometimes I put off the crafting until I have a chunk of time. My daughter, Delia, likes to craft too so you can always find projects in various states in many areas of our home.

PN: What's your favorite item in your shop right now?

NI: The garland of the month club mostly because I love the idea of someone getting a surprise in the mail every month along with 0% credit offers, catalogs, bills and such. A fun surprise to hang up, wrap a gift with, share with a friend or what not. I love making the garlands, love packaging them up all the while thinking about the recipients. They truly are the perfect gift to send someone.

PN: Where do you find your vintage sewing notions?

NI: Most of my notions come from a great thrift store near my folks home in Canada and other thrift stores. Sometimes I am fortunate because people give me their stash. I always have more than I can ever use.

PN: Do your kiddos create/craft with you?

NI: The kids do craft with me...Delia more than Jude but Delia has an "art" area in her room and greats drawings, paintings, and stories every day. Sometimes I want to craft alone because I want to do my own thing at my own pace (selfish I know) and sometimes I want to create with the kids. I think it is important for the kids to have access to good supplies (something I read in Amanda Soule's first book) and I think it is important for the kids to see me create. I also believe that the Creator has made me in His image and therefore I can and do create. Sometimes in the form of a paper craft, sometimes sewing and sometimes in the kitchen with food.

PN: What's their favorite thing to work on?

NI: Jude likes to carve his own stamps and Delia likes to make lip balm, sew little blankets and well, that girl loves any kind of craft available to her.

PN: What's your favorite holiday craft to do either on your own or with your kiddos?

NI: I really enjoy coming up with an idea for holiday cards/family photo and then implementing said idea...often with the help of the kids. Although, this year I am way behind and the ideas are awkward yet plentiful. Hopefully this week we will get it together as the month is marching onward. We did have a fun photo-shoot on Saturday so hopefully the cards will fall into place.

PN: Do you have any special holiday traditions?

NI: Oh, we have so many traditions, from making peppermint bark to decorating a tree to reading Luke before we open gifts on Christmas Day. I think the most important tradition, if you can call it that, is to attempt to have a Christ centered Christmas...not to lose that focus when wrapped up in the whirlwind of holiday activity. I love Christmas...the music, the food, the festivities, friends and the traditions and so on.

Well, there you have it peeps - go shop till you drop! Many thanks to Nicole for this little interview and peek into her crafting world. Nicole, I adore your shop, your blog and YOU most of all. xo


  1. Great to read about this crafty and creative lady and to discover a new Etsy store! x


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