Weekly Challenge: Get Loaded

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pictures are worth a thousand words. The above image could not ring more true for me. I can't tell you how many times I've said, "I know it in my head, but my heart tells me otherwise." Jeremiah 17:9 (The Message) "The heart is hopelessly dark and deceitful, a puzzle that no one can figure out..." So this week, I am taking action to load my surroundings and heart with the bullet of truth. I'm finding new and creative ways to surround myself with scripture - my bullets.

1. Paint a few clipboards with chalkboard paint. Attach chalk via string and place in closet with this, "Adorn yourself with glory and splendor, and clothe yourself in honor and majesty." Job 40:10 BOOM!

2. Hang tags will adorn my car and windows. Not just any hangtags, I'm in the process of making some of these little guys... BOOM!

3. Memo boards out of mirrors and picture frames. "We walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7 BOOM!

4. On a post-it right below my computer screen: "Don't love money, be satisfied with what you have..." Hebrews 13:5 BOOM!

That's right. I'm gettin' my heart loaded with truth to set myself up for a week (for starters) of peace and contentment. Wanna get loaded with me? Have an armed and dangerous weekend! xo


  1. THIS is a great post. Pairing scripture with real life applications!

  2. I gave you a blogger award, stop by my blog for more information.

  3. awesome truths! love the verses you chose:)
    have a great weekend brooke!

  4. I love this! Thanks for the inspiration and truth :)

  5. I have come back to this post about 8 times today. Thank you for the reminders.

  6. Wait I think the money scripture is heb 13 v5
    Deuteronomy is be strong and be of good courage

  7. Nicole...how right you are! thank you for the correction! xo And thanks to all the rest of you for your love, encouragement and support. You guys rock! xo


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