DIY "Flowers"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Billy-buttons are the cutest flowers. Ever heard of them?  I see them in home-decor magazines all the time, but never knew what they were called. When my friend Alli of Hooray posted this little tutorial on billy-button flowers (see image above), I was instantly inspired. We have these seeds that fall from trees here in Dallas that my MIL and I call gumballs. While my youngest little could spend hours throwing them into the street, I could spend hours finding creative ways to use them around the home.

floral tape

add a few paper flags and let your imagination soar

I think mine look like dandelions. I was out of yellow spray paint, but I like the end result of the white. I made a couple more flags and put them in plants/herbs as markers. Here's a look at what some other have done with their gumballs and flags.

After looking at all these wintery versions... I'm feeling the need to pick up some yellow pink spray paint and make things more Springy! xo
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