Weekly Challenge: Serve Others

Friday, January 20, 2012

One of my friends joked the other day that the main reason she keeps having babies is because of all the free meals she receives. And while she was completely kidding, there is a hint of truth in the statement. Not that we have babies just to get stuff, because that would be completely insane (and a wee-bit masochistic), but because when others serve us, it makes us feel loved. There's just something so touching about someone going out of their way to show they care - No matter how great or how small the sacrifice.

This week I challenged myself to serve others - and not just the three men in my life. Through meals, errands, decorating, babysitting, prayer and more, I stretched myself to give beyond the "norm." Through it all, I was consistently reminded of how much joy there is to be had in the simple act of service. I was filled up by pouring out!

I plan to do a lot more pouring this weekend. I challenge you to do the same. I promise, your cup will overflow! xo

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