Forever February: Around the House - Pillow Talk

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's 8:00 pm. The littles are down. Time to sit on the couch and turn on the TV. That's how we used to roll in this house. Then we had an epiphany. Turning on and tuning out can be so very damaging to marriages. It was to ours for sure. There was very little communication and zero connection between us. So the hubs and I committed to turning off the TV at least 3 times a week and actually talking to one another. Really talking. I know - novel approach to marriage huh? It takes us a while, but eventually we get there. Let me tell you, this little exercise has completely changed our marriage. We share our days, laugh, talk about things that are troubling us, sometimes tell jokes and/or whatever else might come up.  Give it a go. Couches weren't just meant for catching pocket change, couch potatoes and afternoon naps. 

If you'd like to spice up the couch a bit in preparation for Valentine's and your future night time chats, here's a look at a couple pillows I made this weekend. Remember those foam magnets I made for my littles? Well, I borrowed one to create my own heart print on some drop cloth fabric I had lying around and then sewed up some pillows.  I'm pretty stoked about how they turned out.

 (see that grid ruler up there? it's a must for all things crafty!)
 (I screwed up my first attempt at a LOVE pillow. No worries. I just sliced the ends off and added and arrow! Mistakes can be transformed into something you love.)

TVs off homies. Get your pillow talk on! If you're lucky, it might lead to a little bedroom pillow talk. wink. wink. xo
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