Mommy Style: DIY Neon

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My inner 80's child is loving all the color blocking and neon going on right now. But with a tight budget and my almost 40 year old wisdom kickin', I have enough sense to know that I shouldn't invest in a trend. I like to stick with basics that can be made "current" with accessories or vintage that costs next to nothin'. So when I had the idea to color my neutral heels a poppin' pink, I had to think temporary... not long term. Spray paint, dye or nail polish just wouldn't do for me.
Enter the non-commital crafter's delight, also known as... duck tape.
duck tape (in your color of choice)
exacto knife
metal ruler
self-healing mat
*note - I'm sure you could get by without the last two items, but my heels were a little tricky vs. straight edged.
1. I started at the inner-side of the heel and cut the shape of the top.
2. Once the shape is cut, place tape on heel and trim to fit.
3. Continue this process all the way around the heel, working from sides to back center.
 4. Once the heel is covered, trim the excess around the tap of the heel and at the base of the heel. And, Viola!

The best part about this little DIY is that if you change your mind or want to switch colors (I'm thinking of adding gold tape to my vintage red Miu Miu heels.) simply peel the tape off, remove any sticky bits with goo gone and you're back to where you started. Do my shoes look perfect? No, but they're on my feet and no DIY is perfect.

Go get yourself some sticky neon fun. xo
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