Mommy Style: Weekend Warrior

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ack!  It's Monday already! To be fair, I kinda feel like this every Monday. The weekends go by so fast. But this one was exceptionally busy. I tried with all my might to keep my head above water. Life can be crazy busy and for some reason, everything had to happen on March 23rd - 25th.

Friday - My dad went back into the hospital for another round of chemo and my oldest had a Lego birthday party to attend. We also had dinner plans, but they got cancelled.
Saturday - 3 basketball games, 1 soccer game, 1 birthday party and babysitting for my BF in town from Austin. (I praise(d) the Lord that the soccer game was cancelled.)
Sunday - Church, lunch with friends, kid-sitting and a community group gathering.

With so much going on and very little time for rest, I thought I'd show you some basics that help me survive the craziness of Motherhood while looking somewhat pulled together:

The Messy Bun: You have no idea how grateful I am that this "do" is in style right now.
messy bun via a cup of jo

Skinny Jeans: I have a pair from the gap (similar style) that go from day to evening and everything in between.

Ballet Flats: Over 10 years ago I bought a pair of Aerosoles black perforated leather ballet flats. I still have them and wear them all the time. When I first purchased them my girlfriend replied to my question of, "Are these cute?" with a cutting quip, "go ahead granny." Ha! The joke is on her. These bad boys are a style staple.  And, ballet flats by Aerosoles are quite simply the best shoe ever!  They are affordable, uber comfy and timeless. I have 2 pair and will add a third very soon.

My Pinterest Style Board: This little tool helps me create simple and comfortable ensembles in a flash.

It should be said, Friday I did not look presentable at all. I'm not even sure I brushed my teeth (sorry friends, I'm sure I did eventually.) but my littles and friends loved me anyway. They didn't even turn in horror at the mere sight of me. In fact, it was the best day ever with my youngest. While at the park, he told me I was his best friend and made him laugh "so haarwd." That just goes to show you... you don't have to be photo ready to feel great. You simply have to love who you are and where God has you.

Happy Monday homies...embrace it! xo
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