RRR: Mommy Style: Good Deal Hunting

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Getting a good deal can be a pretty dirty job and a bit stinky. But, the savings are so worth it. I challenge you to take the plunge and go thrift hunting!  There are tips and trick that you should know before you go though. Elissa over at Dress with Courage did a Thrifting 101 series last year that highlights all you could ever want to know and more. Check it. 
hunting gear via emerson made err... emerson fry?
If you want my quick and easy guide... here ya go:

One. Determine how much of a hunter you truly want to be.

Thrift Stores - You have time. You don't mind the smells. You think pit stains are one good oxy-clean wash away from new. You like scavenger hunts.

Estate Sales - You don't mind smells. You like vintage. You view going through other people's stuff as an adventure.

ReSale Shops - You like your selection a bit more curated and not so vintage. You don't mind digging a bit. You don't mind your stuff gently worn, as long as it's a really good deal.

Outlet Shops - You like your stuff fresh and with a tag. You like a good deal. You like the option of returning should you change you mind.

Two. How to shop - quickly.

Lists - Have a list in mind of things you're currently hunting for and keep your eye out for them. I am always on the hunt for sparkly things, leopard, chambray/denim shirts or classic prints like polka dots.

Colors - If there's a color you know doesn't suit you... skip over that section. For me it's red. No bueno with my skin tone!

Prints - Scan the items and look for prints that interest you. If you see one, grab it and check the cut/fit, otherwise don't even separate the hangers to get a better look.

Three. Miscellaneous Tips...

Size - I don't even look at size. If it's vintage, the sizes have changed so dramatically over the years that a size 8 may just fit today's size 4. Also, I've gotten dresses that are bigger in size because I liked them slouchy. And I recently got a very big elastic waist skirt because the color was awesome, the style was exactly what I was looking for and at $2.00 I didn't mind a little sewing machine surgery.

Know Before You Go - It helps to call ahead and ask each store when they stock their floors and when they offer deeper discounts! Not only do you get the latest and greatest items, but you can get better deals.

Hope this helps all you deal hunters out there. We're Mommies and we need a good deal because diapers and Legos are expensive! xo
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