Making it Work

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Over the past two weeks, I have come to find out how emotional and challenging it can be to sell your home. There's the prep work of filling all nail holes, paint touch-ups, cleaning and making things actually smell nice. Then there's the staging. Last week I showed you guys our "office" and the staging process that needed to happen in order to make that room presentable. This past weekend, I staged the hall bathroom - A.K.A. the boys bathroom.

While this works for our family...
I don't really want to evoke images of little boys reading their books while on the potty to any potential buyers. Let's face it, if the buyers don't have kids this could quite possibly be seen as negative. I decided this space needed to be staged and speak to all potential buyers, not just the ones with littles. Let the late night Target shopping commence.

Presto Chango. With just a few dollars spent and some creative window treatments (scrap fabric, vintage scarf and tension rod), the space was transformed into something more neutral and sellable. And, I left a few books in there for my boys too. After all, we do still live here and they still go potty - every. single. day. Missing the toilet with their poor aims... every. single. day. As the mother of boys, I have come to love the smell of bleach around a toilet bowl. And PS...the house sold! xo
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