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Monday, February 25, 2013

After spending a little over a week in my bedroom with the flu, I realized something... my bedroom is thrifty. I think the only thing I purchased new was a vase, mattress and a clock and that makes me happy. Is that strange? I love love that every piece has a story. Our mid-century modern furniture was purchased at an estate sale. Jumbo lamp and macrame pieces - gifted by my MIL who is also a thrift addict (much to my delight). Mirror - estate sale. Magnolia branches - free...
(art has been added to this little wall and I'm still looking for a wall sconce that won't break the bank)

Our side tables were both estate sale finds as well as the bedding linens, except for the bedspread. It happens to be a painters drop cloth that I shortened on the sides a bit. In the future I hope to take a fabric marker to it and add some stripes along the lines of piping. I will test it out with washable markers first before moving onto permanent. The pillow was made out of a vintage scarf. And that headboard was made by my FIL over 10 years ago for my husbands old studio. I think I may need to paint that center panel. But what color? Black? Navy? Speaking of navy, this bedroom used to be that lovely shade of blue but the hubs just wasn't sold. We repainted a couple of months ago and absolutely love the deep grey. It is super cozy now.

What's your favorite thing about your bedroom? xo


  1. Lovely!! It is all coming together so nicely.

    Glad you are getting back to feeling like yourself! Miss ya'!


  2. that's awesome! we are planning on selling quite a bit of our stuff before we move it west and I am hoping to thrift most of our new pieces.. hopefully there is some affordable thrifting to be done in the Portland area! would really love to find some mid-century pieces.


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