Weekly Challenge & A Promise

Friday, February 22, 2013

This week I started a 30 day challenge issued at our church's marriage conference this past weekend. The challenge? Pray this each day. "God, show me one way You want me to love my spouse today and give me the courage to do whatever You show me." Wait. Listen. Act.

Why accept this challenge? Because my marriage is currently meatloaf and I want STEAK. Join me in this little challenge, if you'd like, and see how God moves you and your marriage.

Now the promise... I promise to bring you more original content and to post nothing if I don't have anything worth saying. Your time is precious and I want to honor whatever little bit you spend with me.

Happy Weekend. How will you be brave in the days ahead? xo


  1. Ok this is totally weird. We are both on the BRAVE challenge and God is testing my bravery each day. Our daughter is in the hospital and doing fine but nonetheless requires tons of courage.
    And for what it's worth I love meatloaf. I even like plain boring pasta shared with my love and my family and friends.

  2. i like this. thanks for your honesty and for the challenge.

  3. Oh my gosh, love this. I want to try this, I'd like steak too!


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