Around the House: The Beautiful Mundane

Monday, March 11, 2013

Recently I found these vintage silverware/serving utensils for 25 cents each. The detail was too good to pass up - wood inlay and simple engravings. My heart just went pitter patter. Why they don't make things like this anymore I have no idea. Honestly, it kind of depresses me. Every day items are no longer seen as special so they're either cookie cutter or uber expensive. I believe that even the mundane should be and can be beautiful. That's life. And it's as God intended. (At least I think so.)
How do you make the mundane beautiful? xo


  1. I think it has to do with your last post, everything is always about perspective. I think the design of those spoons is beautiful and the fact that they found you.
    Can you create some dish towels with those designs, like that killer pillowcase you made. I'd buy them!

  2. you changed your font! lovely.

  3. This new font is unreadable.

  4. pve - you always have a good word for me and lift me up - thank you friend. ps - i'll make you those tea towels. ;)

    anon - thanks! Playing around with new blog design and the like. you will continue to see changes until I get it right.

    anon 2 - thanks for your input. i thought it might be... especially on mobile devices. i have changed it. hope this is better.

    **More changes to come as I play with new blog layouts, design and logos. xo


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