Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: White T-Shirt

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Has this ever happened to you? You've found the perfect white shirt and you get a stain on it that just won't come out. Uggh! For some reason (maybe it's her 20 year old brain) my SIL decided to paint her pouf in her brand new white tee from Banana Republic. Wouldn't you know, she was using black fabric paint with no apron anywhere in sight. Rookie mistake. Poor thing. I just couldn't bear her losing a perfect white tee that had been worn only twice. I devised a little DIY plan to salvage the tee.

Before you begin splattering the paint, make sure you have a piece of paper between the front and back of your garment. I also taped the edges of the shoulders and sleeves so that the paint wouldn't get on them either.
So my technique is a bit crazy, but it's one that worked for me, creating the biggest globs and splatters. Do a test of your own and find a technique works best for your design.
Once the paint is dry, remove the tape, triangle and paper - then rock that bad boy! (Oh, I should also mention that it would be wise to heat set the paint with an iron.) I am so thrilled with how this recycled tee was transformed. So much better than turning it into scraps for cleaning don't you think? xo


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