"Root"imentary My Dear Watson

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Black thumbs. Brown thumbs. I've got 'em both. Anything but green. So when I've tried to root a plant from a cutting, in the past, I've been a full on skeptic. In the new house however, I've got this amazing kitchen window that gets full afternoon sun. The cuttings love this light. I mean love it like it's their job. 

In our front yard we have a rosemary bush with these little succulents/cactus things growing at the base. The former owner planter them so I have no idea what they are, but I love them in my tiny 50 cent ceramic cups. And since my Jade just bit the proverbial dust, I'm rooting more cuttings for the it's container. This is addictive.

It works for any plant too. Cr-a-zy! I'm sure you novices out there already know all this, but I am just blown away by it. My Coleus plant recently suffered soccer injury and a few stems broke off. My MIL suggested I root them. I doubted...
Are you kidding me? Roots baby! That's like a whole other plant - from cuttings! Whaaa? Pretty sure this is the only good kind of "root" there is. I'm so stoked. Can you tell?

What color are your thumbs? xo


  1. Ok. I need more info. Better yet. Come over and help me. LOL

    1. Girl, seriously there isn't much more to know. You have a clipping... stick in a glass of water in a sunny window... bam! one week later (or less) you got you some roots! it really is that easy! xo

  2. This is so funny!! I recently developed the same addiction. Wandering jews! I have so many of them now plus rooted a bunch for all of my 4-H club girls to pot up their own too! I'm also rooting my epescia plant but in a different way. Pretty soon I'll have too many, but I'm looking to share them.

    1. i have the same with wandering jew! i love the idea of sharing. i'll be stealing that, thank you. xo


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