Thank You: Part 5

Friday, September 6, 2013

You know you love it. You know you want it. Oh yeah... part 5 of my tribute to Jimmy Fallon and his insanely funny Thank You notes. No, mine aren't as funny, but you may be able to relate and you might get a little chuckle to kick off your weekend.

Thank you, Weekend...
for tricking me 52 times a year into actually believing I have time off. (Moms are never "off.")

Thank you, Thrift Store Scores...
for giving me a reason to actually get excited about doing laundry.

Thank you, Ketchup...
for your strange spelling and tasting nothing like tomatoes. 

Thank you, GSN...
for putting some swagga back in our wagon.

Thank you, Texas...
for creating a backwards hibernation every year that doesn't even allow for quilting and crochet craftiness because the mere sight of another layer makes every pore on your body cry sweat tears.

Happy Weekend homies. xo

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