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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You guys... I'm so excited to share my new holiday items with you! How about some throw pillows to add a little Christmas joy to your annual decor? You know how I like to change things up with a good throw pillow. It's like an instant makeover for under $50.00.
Also, I'm pretty sure that winter has hit almost everywhere except Texas. If you and your littles are already bundling up in layer after layer (insert jealous grimace here) then a southwestern print knit cowl for your little may be just what's needed to keep the cold at bay. I gotta tell ya, this thing is so cozy I just might make one for myself. Nothing makes me colder than a cold neck and since mine is almost equal in length to a giraffe, I've gotta keep that thing wrapped up.

Are you getting that holiday giddiness yet? Or are you already dreading it? xo


  1. I find it a little funny that you wrote this on the day the high is in the low 40's and the low is 28! ;)

    1. Ha ha ha... Right Erin? Texas... you never know. xo

  2. LOVE all your new stuff . . . and your new model :)


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