Around the House: My Round Top Gift

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sisters do crazy things sometimes. The upside of this? Benefitting from their crazy. Last week, my sister forced me to go to Round Top with her during a crazy busy time for me. (Oh, and I should also mention that I had zero dollars to spend.) She and her hubs just moved and are now redecorating with an industrial/rustic look. Since she had never been to Round Top and I had been all of ONE time, I was now the expert. Bring on the miles and miles of vintage, rust, and story filled goodness.

We left Thursday, shopped all day and were back at it again early Friday morning. My sister got all kinds of amazing things from chairs, rugs and washtubs to an amazing, one of a kind, 8.5 foot farm table with railroad pipings (or something like that) for the base. Because my sister is a giver among givers, she bought me this amazing rug for my kitchen as a "thank you"/birthday gift. Y'all... I die. As if the trip wasn't great enough. Look at these amazing colors.
Come on... how sweet was that? We laughed till we cried, shopped till we dropped and had the best (and only) sister trip ever. I can't wait to do it again. We hope to make it an annual trip; not for the shopping, but for the good times and laughter. We talked the whole car ride down (4 hours) as if we were old friends that hadn't seen each other in years. (And y'all, we talk several times a week.) We needed this trip more than we needed the items that we brought back. It filled my heart and my soul to do something special with my sister that blessed her, and I think, brought us a little closer. That was the best gift of all.

Do you and your siblings take special vacations with one another? xo

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  1. the rug is beautiful! sounds like an amazing time. tx needs to move closer to mn so I can visit Round Top ;)


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