Around the House: The New Old Desk

Monday, May 12, 2014

That right there friends is my most recent roadside score. Apparently my neighbors had a garage sale a few weeks back and this desk didn't sale. It was then put to the curb in hopes that someone would provide a new home. Hello desk. Wanna come home with me? Uh-huh.

Right here is when I came to understand why no one had purchased this dreamy desk of awesomeness. Heavy. Back pulling, hernia inducing, heavy. Oh my mercy. All I could grab on my own were the drawers. Then the hubs and I had to take the guts and the top off in order to get it into my studio. Was it worth it? Hellz yes! This baby is a sewer's delight.
After wiping down every inch of the desk, I sanded the varnish off and stained the wood with an ebony stain that we had in the garage. (I couldn't stand the orange-y hue of the original stain. Yuckers.) Once the stain was dry, we put the top back on and bolted her down tight. We had to recruit some help (thanks sister and BIL) for getting the guts back in. You must be asking... "guts?" "What the heck is she talking about?" Only the absolute best part of this desk. The door on the lefthand side opens to reveal another "desk" that pulls out and pops up. Perfect for a serger. I KNOW! Sewers' dream. I die. I think it was originally intended for a 10 key or something. Not anymore baby.
After cleaning out the drawers, I lined all of them with some old wallpaper that I scored a long time ago at a thrift store. And then I replaced all the pulls, which was crazy difficult because 4" centered pulls are not the easiest thing to find. Especially if you want the pulls to actually look good. I finally found these amazing bronze beauties on
You guys, this desk is a total game changer. I can sew, serge and work on my computer, all with the swivel of my chair. Whaaaaat? Did someone say, "heaven." Amen sistah. In the end, my new old desk ended up costing my $31.00. It is by far the best thing I have ever scored in bulk trash. I love it so much it's kinda sick. Sometimes I go up to my studio to just sit at my desk and look around. All the natural light, white and tree top views makes my heart go pitter-patter. I want to sew all the time now. Praising God for the little ways He blesses us.

I hope your Mother's Days were amazing. Just like each of you. Happy Monday. xo


  1. What a find!!!! Just a tab bit jealous =P

    1. ha ha ha...I got super lucky on this one Saiwai Crafts. xo

  2. That is awesomeness! Love the way you decorated it up all nice.

  3. It looks amazing! Well done!

  4. THIS. IS. AMAZING. love the desk and the fact that it brings you such joy.


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