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Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm sort of in love with all things minty, dusty green. It just seems so fresh and clean right now. Like that minty green color above? Yeah, I'm pretty sure my front door is begging to be painted that hue. Here are a few others currently tugging at my Spring strings.

The hubs and I shot the interior of this amazing Dallas home the other day that stopped me dead in my tracks with it's heavenly aroma. Sueded Tobacco from Aspen Bay's Reserve collection is the scent and the container has this beautiful dusty green luster. So good.
These dining room chairs seen on a House in the Hills. Drooling. They add just the right pop of color in the midst of all that natural wood and stunning white. Don't you think?
Now matter how hot it gets, I'm not giving up my coffee. This mint recipe from How Sweet It Is seems like the perfect refreshing summer drink. It's like Summer's version of Hot Cocoa. 
And if all of that isn't enough to make you swoon, Kirsten of Simply Grove has to go and paint her side table the perfect shade of minty green to brighten things up. I love the contrast with her neutral palette and gold and black blanket.
Are you in love yet?  I could have gone on and added desks, chairs and Jenna Lyon's silky green pants into the mix but I don't want you all thinking I've lost my marbles over a color. But... maybe I have. I feel like that little emoji that has the big goofy grin with the hearts for eyes. Yeah, that's me and mint. How about you? What are you loving right now? xo

door color dollop above via pure home

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