Recharge - A Family Getaway

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

No one needs a reason to get away and recharge. In fact, I think it pretty necessary and long weekends provide the perfect opportunity to do both. So when my sweet friend Allison Vieger of Design from A to V asked us to join her family out at their ranch, we jumped at the chance. What mom doesn't want to give her boys an opportunity to roam wild in the country?
From cows to longhorns, horses to chickens and everything in between, this ranch was legit. Poop smells and all. My boys got to ride on the top of a Polaris (all Safari like), pet horses, toss rocks, explore, look for snakes, swim and play horseshoes. It was boy heaven. A heaven that I was eager for them to embrace. 

Time just sort of stands still when you're in the country and life gets simple. I laid in a hammock for over 45 minutes just listening to the wind rustle through the leaves of the trees and cows moo. It's sad how the sounds of life can drown out the sounds of nature. The little whispers that allow us to be thankful for the ordinary. We're back in the city now... recharged and ready to tackle the remaining weeks of school with our hearts full and grateful for the blessings of family and friends.

How do you recharge? xo

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