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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hi! Thought I'd pop in to share a few fun recycle crafts that you can do before the littles are out of school or save them until Summer is here and you can share the fun. I happen to love the above succulent garden by Taylor Stone Prints on Etsy. How fun would it be to try making a few of these with some discarded cereal boxes and green paints?

While you have those paints out... add a touch of white to make those hues a tad bit minty and try painting a few twigs to create this awesome wall hanging from Grow Creative...
And if you're in the mood for a touch more ombre to brighten up your home and adorn your indoor greenery, check out these amazing popsicle stick planters from Design Love Fest. They're the perfect punch of pastel for summer without dropping a dime.
It can get pretty hot in the summer too, so I'm sure you and your littles will ned some cooling off. Why not make yourself the cutest watermelon fan ever like Makes and Takes? I think this would make a stellar party favor for any little's birthday party.
Not one for an afternoon of painting? No worries. How about a little kitchen science with food scraps like the one found on MPMK?
Bring it on Summer. I'm feeling inspired and a tad bit crafty. xo

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  1. All are really so cool tips and nothing is required to make them work. This is the benefit of recycling that you need not to spend much and you recreate the value of dead thing. Great post


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