Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I never knew that there were so many pumpkins with so many silly names. Thank you Dallas Arboretum for educating me.

 red wharty thing (ha! kinda how i feel sometimes)

 birdhouse gourd

 mini white baby boo, baby tiger striped, mini orange (really? that's as good as it gets for a little orange pumpkin? insert sad face here)


 jarrandale, caveman club, turk's turban, lumina

Big D Arbo, you have truly outdone yourself this year. Thank you. Thank you.

Hey, dear readers - if you could name the "mini orange pumpkin" what would it be? xo


  1. Tremendous display of the beauty found in nature!

    Missed making a comment yesterday - stellar finds! Love the carpet purse! And we all look forward to seeing how you put to use the fabric finds!

  2. Anon - thanks for the support and sweet comments! xo


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