A Reader's Handmade Wedding Plans

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Since turning off my comments, I've received some really sweet and inspiring emails. One such email came from a dear follower in France. As I've gotten to know Jeen a bit, I have become completely smitten.  She is absolutely darling and one of the most creative gals. She shared a few pics of her upcoming wedding with me and I immediately asked if I could share them with you. I hope you are equally as inspired and breathless as me.

the barn
the view (I know, ahh-mazing!)
tabletop decor
the games

Sigghhh... right? The entire thing is lovely. She hasn't missed a single detail - even the wait staff will be wearing checkered aprons! Love it. The menu is barbecue (a fave of mine), so I got to share my Mom's delish coleslaw recipe with Jeen as my own little contribution to this grand day. If I could afford the airfare, this is one more wedding I'd love to crash. Well done Jeen! All the happiness in the world to you and Julien. xo
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