Around the House: Backyard Celebration

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yesterday my man celebrated his 37th birthday. Woot! I was hoping to secure a babysitter so that we could have a fun, romantic night for two. Fortunately I wasn't able to find a sitter and had to get creative. A few weeks ago I shared how it was possible to have successful date nights without a sitter and that is just what we did. I saw this photo on Pinterest and was inspired to create a romantic backyard pop-up tent. I stole (borrowed, thanks Ronnie) some sticks from my neighbors backyard, combined them with a sheet, lights, pillows and blankets for a memorable night at home. We had dinner with the boys, followed by the hub's favorite pie and then put the boys to bed, ready for some fun of our own. 
(honestly, it was super windy and much was needed to secure the sticks/poles - uggh, this tent almost didn't happen)
 (a basket filled with goodies and games)
Once the sun set, it was so magical. We had a blast playing games (I learned how to play cribbage - kind of) and talking about the memories this house and backyard held for us. It was bittersweet, as we will move into our new home in less than a month, but it was memorable and loads of fun. But honestly, we could have just laid out a blanket and it would have been just as sweet. The best part of our night was being together and strengthening our marriage through time with one another and laughter. Zero dollars spent, priceless memories made. xo
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